The partnership consortium consists of 7 NGOs from 7 countries with strong partnership relations. Each partner has the corresponding experience and interest in EU Programs, which will deepen the cooperation and contribute to the exchange of good practices and ideas.


European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women (WoMentor)

The organization's aim is to empower girls and women and in that way to promote principles and policies of equal opportunities and fight stereotypes and stereotypical thinking. EFMGW promotes social change through working with individuals and their communities.


International Development Alliance - IDA Network

A INGO, global network of community development associations, youth leaders and activists who are committed to issues of citizens and young people. The purpose of International Development Alliance is to foster educational processes that will promote understanding and goodwill among people of all nations.


Hellenic Regional Development Center - HRDC

A non-profit making association founded with the aim to "foster growing, competitive, knowledge-based society and economy". HRDC promotes training innovation and regional development. HRDC is closely linked to employment services and contributes to the implementation of the EU employment strategy through dialogue with the social partners.


The Association of Local Democracy Agencies

A non-governmental organization dedicated to the promotion of good governance and civil participation on local level. In particular focus are activities that facilitate cooperation between local authorities and civil society. ALDA was established in 1999 at the initiative of the Council of Europe's Congress of Local and Regional Authorities to coordinate and support a network of Local Democracy Agencies.


"Solis Tuvak"

An organization founded by people sharing the common idea for implementing educational and cultural projects, developing the civil society in Kekava municipality, and organizing charity initiatives. The organization works closely with Kekava municipality and has signed a cooperation agreement. Among the founders there are people with financial, law and project management skills that they use for free to reach organization targets.


Butterfly Dreamer Association

The Association wants to meet the various problems of the Western part of Romania through community development projects, economic development, combating intolerance and xenophobia among the population, promoting active European citizenship and European integration. The board members of Butterfly Dreamer have been organizing youth exchanges. They have a rich experience in organizing / implementing projects in the Youth in Action programme.


Association for rural development LAZ

A non-profit NGO that is interested in improving life in the local communities, especially in the countryside. Networking, inclusion of citizens, intergenerational cooperation and sharing experience with other European associations and citizens are the ways of operation. The mission is to actively contribute to meet the European programs and support Slovene citizens to be part of European projects partnerships.