International Development Alliance in partnership with the European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women; Association of Local Democracy Agencies; Hellenic Regional Development Center; "Solis Tuvak"; Butterfly Dreamer Association; Association for rural developmentstarts the creation of a Network of European Civil Resource Centres.

The Centers will be located in 7 European countries and will function as informal civil representations in the following two versions:

A| Real:

The seats and offices of the partner organizations in the corresponding countries:

  • European civil resource center - main office of IDA Network in Sofia, Bulgaria;
  • National resource centers by location: Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, Latvia, Greece, Austria.

B| Virtual:
  • European virtual web platform [] that will have the functions of a coordination center among the national civil centers and the corresponding international institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe);
  • 7 national virtual platforms as follows:

The centers will be easily accessed from any point within and outside the Union.

The national virtual web platforms will present the service "Service in one office" in relation to the different conditions and mechanisms, connected with the program "Europe for citizens".

The national real civil resource centers will be accessible to all users and interested people with stress on people who do not have access to Internet-based technology, disabled people and people from minorities.

The European civil resource center will play the role of a coordinator between the national centres and the European institutions.